The majority of our residents are now experiencing more sobriety than ever before.

Please take a moment and read what our residents have to say about us…


Serenity Homes changed my life by providing a safe place for me to come and learn who I am. A place of love and hope. Each day I learn how to get free and stay free by watching and learning from the examples of long term recovery that reside here. I’ve learned how to give and receive love through the relationships I’ve made while being at Serenity Homes. This is a training ground for addicts that are seeking an elevated way of living through the freedom God provides in recovery. I’ve found peace and joy in each moment of my life and I no longer search for the next thing to fill the void I used to feel. I know what it means to have purpose and be content with who I am in each moment. Serenity Homes provides structure and accountability that I was missing while living in my addiction. It’s because of Serenity Homes and Serenity Village Community Church that I get to wake up each morning excited for the new day and all it has for me!


I’ve been a resident for more than four years. I was continually relapsing and needed all the accountability and support I could get. Serenity Homes provides that support. Structure, meetings and fellowship, an incredible home – these are some of the reasons I am still here. Serenity Village Community Church has played a huge part in my recovery as well. Hearing the Word of God in a way I can understand and relate to helps bring my life into focus. I not only have four years of sobriety, I have four years of freedom.


I came to Serenity Homes almost three years ago as a severely broken individual who wanted nothing to do with God or with being alive. My addiction had gotten the best of me and I had lost everything. Within my first few months here I started to get involved with the many service opportunities that are available and through this service work I began to form relationships with others in the community. I was beginning to see the love of God in those around me and began to learn how I could live in recovery, one day at a time. I still had some pretty heavy consequences to face but was able to walk through them. This program has given me the tools I need to live an authentic life and have helped me to regain my character, morals, values and self-respect. I had to leave for a year to serve time in prison, and though I was gone I was not forgotten. This community loved me, supported me and never left my side as I walked through my consequences. Serenity Homes saved my life and now I get to LIVE every day of it giving back and carrying the message to others. I am blessed beyond belief and I thank God every morning for placing me in this community. Serenity Homes is my family, my life, my love.


Serenity Homes has been a lifesaving place for me. I arrived not knowing who I was. Through the love and support I have found my place with God in control. This is a place like no other. I found true friends for life and a place that I’m proud to call home. If you are looking for a safe, loving community Serenity Homes is the place for you.


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